Flower’s Bed

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

She needed someone to tend to her flower’s bed, the job was handled well at first, until he lost his head.

The tilling ,drilling, watering, the driving of her daisy,

made weak his heart, even drove him a little crazy.  
The tight lil twists and turns down the narrow path, was more challenging than, 

what Y equals, too, in math. 

Seeing as though, most paths are public, ran through as the streets, petals hanging low, as passersby trample, pick or litter chucking seedsShe needed a new gardner to tend her trellis, to maintain the spread of all she relished.

Her flowerbed was astounding, stunning as ever, 

desire for a gardner, was too keep it, that way forever.

POETRY BY Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose 

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended for Sharpest Perception a road less Traveled. 

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