Erotic 18+ Mature Poetry / Love/ Healing/ Childhood / poetry



He awaited my arrival as scented candles filled the room,
as my silhouette,
met him, a little sooner.
I witnessed,
while bending,
toward the opulent candlelight,
a rising tent stirred,
revealing a large appetite.
My silhouette appeared to splurge, beating me there.
As I removed each article,
walking toward,
he watched,
the striptease,
as I bared.
Watching as he unconsciously licked his lips,
his gaze from my eyes, too hardened nipples and swaying hips.
As I came in,
only the grin, and nothing else.
Acknowledging the ambiance,
was seductively set,
as his aroused stance,
was only partially seen ,
but fully erect.
As he beckoned,
with one hand,
the other unexposed,
anticipating the perfect fit,
too my secluded wall’s, hold.
My larger than Life silhouette again, peered,
as I stood there bold,
it appeared hungrily able,
to take in his longevity—whole.
Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright 2017 Reserved purposes intended. Mature Content 18+


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