Loss of Words


Tribute to my lost babies,
my poetry,
my words,
that never,
a chance,
placed an urge,
or given the rhyme​, a reason to excitingly splurge,
never touching,
another ear or heart,
further encourage.
Gone, too miss my kiss of expression,
unable to be categoried by peoples’ choice, in my swaddled selection.
Forgive me,
for not remembering your title’s​,
Some, the names I actually gave, that aren’t ringing any bells-
Oh and the many that went unnamed,
that closed in the gaps, were
zipped and moved to other areas,
until revised behavior’s,​
were suitably tamed.
The pen’s love ran out,
onto the paper, as it dyed,
painfully crumpled and tossed.
As the phone’s​ backup app
took the most endearing,
parts of your essence’s straight,
to it’s grave,
as years of your memories were lost. I must now turn the page.
As you float into internet abyss,
as your words are somewhere stored, in a special place,
but for someone else’s lips,
as they run into the idea of you, changing your ways,
the bodies of your words, evidence,
too fit they’re merging, displays.
Mommy loves you, but I must close your chapter,
watch you grow from afar, dissolving into a mist,
as my lost forever, star’s.
While acknowledging all the love,
I put into you,
I’m at a loss of words,
as each beginning and end of you, shall be forever missed, by my kiss, and unheard.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose