Forfeiture’s Beginning Source

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Some will take your heart,Β 

and dispose of your feelings.
Disrupt your home changing
the love between it’s ceiling.
Take advantage of your kindness and make you appear weak.
Offer you advice,
but advise you not to speak.
Teach you candor and wit ,
yet criticize your speeches flow.
Talk down to you in front of others,
until esteem’s an all-time low.

Not be attractive,
yet play hard to get.
Close in on your assets
and never bust a sweat.
In order to change this,
you must find the starting betrayer.
If known to you as a dragon,
you must be the slayer.
May have even brought you into this world,
and you’re a surviving child,
as well as firstborn boy or girl.
Well, consider your beginnings,
as being forfeiture from the womb. Do you continue on forward, or seal this as your doom?
By all means, thank that parent…

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