Whisper’s Story

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Whispers breeze past
infantile ears,
unheard continually,
yet broadcasted 28 years.
Cradled by references,
to manifest a host.
As tender amateur eyes became mesmerized,
by railroading ghosts.
Transparency, triggered the antagonizers’ glory,
as her evilness, changed the route
to the whispered story.
Brainwashed and programmed,
by a selfish lesson’s repeat,
convinced passions of lost love,
for renewed interest of defeat.
Cloudy are judgments,
revisited by takeovers past, ending natures to ones’ perfect picture,
set by authority’s contrast.
Edited content succumbs
to drastic measures,
of an appearance of abstinence, regarding a yielding treasure.
Thought out scheme,
a well orchestrated plan,
cushion guilty words,
before taking questioned stands.
Reverse psychology,
probed a young mind,
summoning resistance of the heart, denying its whispered bind.
Past traps set, mind controlled by haze, centered in the heart to destroy whispers,
directed toward the heart’s, cage.
Happenstance repeats,
by a fossil old and boring.
As promised…

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