Soul Mate’s Insist

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

We all seek out that one,

who knows our every move.

Loves your every flaw,

yet without need for you to improve.

Allows you to speak your mind,

would have it no other way.

Knows your gentle nature,

and when to tease your temper away.

Trust all your truths,

and calls it,

if you’re fibbing.

Loves your every passion,

ten times closer than a sibling.

Says all the right things,

to make your day go better.

Even knows you hate texting,

and still prefer phone calls and letters.

Feels chills in your excitement,

and agony, in your pain.

Exhibits only loyalty,

with promises to never ever change.

Goes that extra mile, without being told.

Knows all your favorite colors, and states red, black, and gold.

Can read your thoughts and your lips, from a room away.

Stops everything, just to hear exactly what you have to say.

Looks into…

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