Carried Away

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

I got carried away, by his whispered displays of holding my mind’s attention, every motivated word that caressed my ears, 

became a delicious captured intention.
I wanted to live inside the breaths he took, that spoke incredible desires,
I wanted to fire my assistance in detaining my heat, allowing his hands to be hired.IMG_20170412_085257_230
I was lost inside a magnificent tide of pride’s enabling,
he was the life guard that swept me off,
into a kamikaze unwavering.
He carried me away from myself, that slept in my depth’s death,
and crept maliciously in step with my hopeful tongues,
inept unspoken dreams.
Harnessing my best seller qualities, the royalty inside me, that signified and engulfed this romantic Queen.
I must thank him,
for having me carried away by his repoire, powerfully swept away by his sexy uniqueness, that made me listen, speechlessly, beseeching him for tons more,
because for once,

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