Momma’s Boy..


You hear the term often too shut down a well rounded man, to distract his placed value in his mother or in a hostile environments​ disagreement.
I personally love a good Momma’s Boy for the qualities, she instills in him, from carrying all the groceries, I haven’t taken groceries in or out the car and house, for more than 2 decades, lol.

The garbage is always taken out, the way he opens doors, cuts the grass as if its still a chore, his demeanor and mannerisms toward women and the way he loves a woman, completely, but keeps his manly role firmly applied, fearless, uneffected that his manhood is ever in jeopardy, by his romantic feelings, or questioned because he searches for a higher level of love, or for, part of his mother in all the women he pursues.
The biggest problem in a relationship of this magnitude, is the woman his mother is, how much involvement she has in his life,
and how well you get along with her.
A woman like his mother can give him just enough comfort, but keep him grounded, keep him looking good, yet push him towards goals and past his limits.
Being a Mother’s Boy makes him look at everything on a more broad spectrum, as he remains respectful, even in anger, he watches his tone, counts, or is fairly slower to anger, watching his tongue alittle more than a man’s man or man with many sisters or raised strickly by Dad, for then he adapts and identifies more with the player image, the know it all’s, who don’t listen and even become chauvinistic type and hothead.
I fear that majority women who hate the Momma’s boy are mainly feministic​, with no desire for a long term relationship or Daddy’s girls and they usually don’t get the same upbringing, advice and lectures as their counterparts.
It’s like a reversed magnet, Momma’s boys are taught to love, listen, express themselves, and too work hard, where Daddy’s girls are often taught not too put their heart into a man, but have opportunities and options, disclose very little about self, don’t give of yourself, and let him pay for everything, and get what you want.
(I have an 11yr old Daddy’s Girl, too). Most of the women who speak treacherous about moms, have mommy issues, daddy issues and can’t get over them, some types really only fear not being able to control these men as easily as they’d enjoy, and characterize them as weak, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.
I mean, I have 4 son’s 29, 26, 23 & 20 yrs old,
Two of which are Momma’s boys and they’re love is more visual, complete, genuine and well rounded, than the vast majority if you ask me, of course .
As for the women who detest or don’t particularly like Momma’s boys, for whatever reasons, then you may want too steer clear of the man in touch with his own feelings, his Mother’s​, and your feelings, because your insecurities will always play out showing a past unmeshed too his happy childhood and you’ll eventually call a man like that, weak or a Momma’s boy, but you’d be furthest from the truth, they simply love love, like their Mother’s​….
My thoughts 😍😘🙌👍❤

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the Mom’s, big Mama’s, Madeas, Grandma’s, Nanna’s, Grammy’s, Guardians, Nanny’s, Sitter’s, Mommies, Mommo”s, and fur Mommy’s! Enjoy a fabulous loving day with your Momma’s Boy and Girls!

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