The Tryst

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

The friend refused,

to again be a wall, flower,

in the wee hours of cognac and trash talking,

the tryst,

ended up

taking the steamiest,


On one accord, no holds barred, future wife’s gift,

too the bachelor’s


A party of party’s,

no need for stripper’s,

home’s the bar and

he’d be the tipper.

Spoken boundaries,

adhered rules,

complete understanding,

no worries of duel’s.

Everything done to be a work of art,

displayed lights show the starving parts.

Nothing passed over,

nothing turned down,

all’s fair in loving to

exhibit excitement’s sound.

Sexy assistance, with a helpful push,

an extra tush,

Intoxicating arrangement

a heightened rush,

racy trio’s touch,

open minded

in awakings,

too sleeping lust.

3rd alliance,

sworn of promised trust,

an erotic tip’s angle,

sharing of the brush,

a stroke of ideas,

an erect entanglement’s need too crush.

Sips of cognac,

a toke of kush,


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