Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

An epiphany came to me, like an outer body experience.

Rewinding time back to our past youthful images.

The egoes, tempers, possessive natures, our trust issues, battle of wills, forgivable but stubborn behavior’s.

Showing present progression, although change was long ago in our hearts.

Offering only the instances,

that could be played out, in the selfish parts.

Like if our roles became switched, could we rely on each other the same, would honesty hold any merit, would I know loyalty’s name?

If I had mental issues, refused to take meds, would you take my heart seriously or never listen to words I said?

Could I rely on your patience, your constant prayers, your undying love, the nuturing of your care?

If desire dropped, and conversation rose, upon normal errands,

would jealousy, become a highlight, mysteriously exposed?

The road map to my cities,

you love to visit, the long and…

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