My All

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

I gave it all away, no regrets.

My love, my visions, my dignity,

my space.

My freedom, my heart, my money, my taste.

My anger, my mind, my smile, and grace.

My body, my dreams, my teachings, my place.

My challenges, my speeches, my depth, my haste.

My tears, my strength, my techniques in this race.

My laughter, my kisses, arm length wishes.

My trust, my poise, my lectured conviction’s.

My deepest of poetry, my history, my story.

My royalties, compliance, my adventures, my silence.

My redemption, my trying,

my feelings, my crying.

My attention, and understanding,

my hand away in marriage.

My moods of disparities,

my gumption, my clarity.

My empathy, my finishes,

my sympathy, and endlessness.

My passionate “ Hell No’s“, wishes, truth’s , “I told you so’s”.

My richness, my ego, my guilt and shame.

My brilliance, life lesson’s,esteem rebuilt, to honor my name.


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