The Aura of Peaches and Cream

IMG_20170508_175252_53It delighted him,
I was an entire package,
a complete everything.
He felt the need
to explain my aura’s beauty,
as being a mystique comparison,
of peaches and cream.
He said I was a 1 in 4th chance
in a Lottery tiel.
A one in a million chance drawing,
too rawest sex appeal.
Proclaiming too never witnessing anyone like me,
Addressing the opportune moment, into my versatility.
Shied by the way I made this stranger, feel, as he chimed on..
a hot commodity of every man’s desire,
rich and poor alike, whoed remain sleep upon a dream, that included the thrill,
of my fire.
A rare lotus,
predominantly grown,
from cement,
a Hawaiian lei’s fragrance,
swept, by a humid paradises scent.
Smiling modestly, as he went on for what seemed like days,
as each time he searched my eyes,
he’d get a little more lost,
inside they’re gaze.
Calling me,
typically a fascinating
stilled, moment
paused iconically to fulfill.
The trapped ironic playback,
in Karma’s, challenging reel,
a thoughtful chaotic
that desirably,
licked teasingly,
at chills.
A taboo, perfectly aromatic tea brewed to soothe,
the “real” juiciest,
forbidden fruit.
Sought in the Evergladesโ€‹, under,
a waterfall’s root.
In all the wondrous ways his compliments made me beam,
yet, the one I enjoyed most,
was being beautifullyโ€‹ sweet,
like peaches and cream.
Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended for Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


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