Ruby Red

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Naturally, I love, and desire it back the same way.

My thoughts are good of others,

til mask fall off,

then I partake, in their game of masquerade.

I am blunt and unusually bold,

until it hurt’s a feeling.

As well as a loyal soul,

until true emotions, start revealing.

I can read your mind,

your heart, and character,

as well as your sign.

While, naturally being right,

95% of the time.

Over years I’ve learned

full moon’s reflect,

the harsh nature’s of people heart’s.

And just by them passing by me,

I know,

I want,

of them, no part.

I’ve spoken about other lives,

I was assigned to live before.

Like Ruby, a fortune telling Gypsy, from many, moons ago.

She resided in a large unfriendly town,

called Westpointe, Indigo

Ruby, a regal beauty, with dark features, and the grayest eyes seen, covered black hair,

as a crown…

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