Passion’s Ghost

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

She had a want so bad it can be tasted,

an idea so creative, it refused to be wasted.

A need so profound, it massaged her feelings.

A touch so compelling,

it increased a hunger, in her conviction”s swelling.

She was only trying to figure,

how to quench this aggressive thirst,

not validate anothers soul,

without regarding her own 1st.

Essentially known in past years,

as a secrets’ keeper,

as she kept them for other’s deeply planted,

but this one eats her.

A ghost of passion that consumes each breath she’s taken,

charging her body responsible,

for each accountable passion forsaken.

Refusal of past liaison’s

she didn’t want, nor ask for,

became a consequence set-up,

to tease and possess her mind,

in one,

she wanted to explore.

No desire was there to explain to anyone, not even her own thoughts.

For in her life she was plagued,

by a…

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