Weather To Whether

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

When the eye of the storm opened.
I closed my eyes.

For inside my blind aspects,

I could better visualize.

The depths to a fictional heart’s premonition .

As the shallow end of its pool, glimmered with more recognition.

Caught me off guard though,

for I thought, I knew this love by heart.

Its wants, desires and needful important parts .

Oftentimes feeling the victimization of certain defeat.

As my heart’s gentle nature, was always doomed to repeat.

I catered to the severity of passion’s kept, asking for fates guidance for intended steps.

Expectations, fell superficially to an all time low, shortened by tight reigns, that hauled a large ego.

While possessing miles of narcissistic pleas.

As the unmended portions of my heart became driven, to take lead.

Though the distance that existed, was measured by wasted time.

A million seconds late crossing the finish line.

Eyes still damp from…

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