Racy, Tasty, or Crazy #339

The Sign of the times should be a warning on what’s too come šŸ˜„ or maybe remain an old Prince song, because these signs are hilarious, but only partially the reason I don’t eat fastfood…Ijs, if it can be thought up.. you better know, it can be bought up.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ it

biz-emgn-980461078fe215e8c38931c1a96e74104OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA01-Uneatable-Feast-afo-FUNNY-DOMINOS-PIZZA-SIGN-570dc52b17ffe59f9d4e992dd9746be988afast-food-signs-12weird-restaurant-name-6074245516f3a3a481bbec0b09f63f60dfunny_fast_food_signs_that_are_brutally_honest_640_04enhanced-buzz-32480-1373301425-36743c9adcb13b47197bbc0ec976207cf4817175092747e711644051e875fd66ae84259698


R.I.Purple Paradise Prince

(Roger Nelson)


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