Curse Pending


High off racism, low on humanity.
Drunk off protest, yet tired of standing
A million men missing,
for black market parts,
for the rich don’t stand in line,
if they need a heart.
Years of cloned meat,
hard to digest.
While Fema camps are filling,
due to social unrest.
In social media, attention is the new vanity.
Our personal and banking information is hacked,
dropping the US dollar’s value,
into calamity.
Once again..God’s been put on the back burner,
as history repeats.
While satan roams this World destroying all peace.
Forgotten are the curses to be fulfilled by prophecy,
as most are back to idol worship,
of everything, from A-Z.
Paranoid of the paranormal,
while terrified by, truth.
Prisons fully funded,
built for the innocent and our youth.
Children are taken from parents,
for reasons unknown,
while staffed pedophiles premeditate
getting, your child alone.
Violence, brutality and death loom,
like a huge cloud,
as steel birds fly overhead sprinkling anger over the crowds.
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, so we can mourn for a sec,
but miss the point’s of life on a
day to day.
Angered by school closings,
and lacked education,
while blighted buildings top a priority list, trumping homeless and hunger in each City’s​, “dedication”.
Marriages no longer honored,
unless a rainbow flag is raised,
questioning everything,
but ignoring research,
shows a government rotten of decay.
Saddened by the foreclosures, that keep homelessness on the rise. Watching out for visiting celebrities, chipped,
who’ve ulimately lost their own minds.
Mouths full of contempt,
hope falls low,
heart’s at there coldest,
eyes remain closed.
Priorities scattered,
by a jumbled past,
false prophets instruct inaccuracy, so we must relearn fast.
Time for unity,
in our present lives,
as division
was the ending.
Yet, some generations remember,
the curse,
that’s still actually pending.
By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose~
Copyright 2016 Reserved purposes intended for Tamara Moore