Anticipation’sโ€‹ Chapter


She hadn’t felt the kiss of his words chill her spine in so long,
pondering his finding,
an entirely different beat,
too a more edgier song.
She got lost playing in his Blues, 8 hours long, anticipating,
daydreaming the contents,
that tasted deliciously wrong.
His footsteps appeared to quicken pass her slow stages,
perhaps the stimulating chapter he left on,
was too forbidden,
more, an untouchable oasis.
Possibly the needs, were etched and greatlyย 
ached, too engage,
sought a more hands-onโ€‹ approach,
another author’s pages.
Whatever, the absence,
that laid pending.
she kept an open mind,
uplifted sipping java,
certain of his return,
too enjoy,
her happy ending’s, saga.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright ยฉ 2017


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