The Blackout of a Fainting Heart


In my loss of power my heart and soul ran to evacuate,
taking a trip through the darkness, as my eye’s cautiously,
to dilate.
I found a clock that was set,
20 years before,
holding my quarter hostage, opening a realm too
my life that was stored.
I was beckoned to look closely at my hidden, 20’s fast,
catching my breath,
for they were internally buried,
deep under my past.
A shovel glowed of all my indecisive decisions,
chronologically colored,
by first to lasting, editions​.
My heart returned,
tapping into my soul’s light source,
beating with conviction,
toward love, with benevolent force.
A fast forward through my youth, took back all variable proof,
as my heart remained 25,
shielded from wars,
in its own glory,
to thrive.
As the past showed my heart, blacked out,
equipped by a built-in generator, that protected it from pain.
For the recycled surge it felt in love,
was solar powered,
a hopeful renewal,
that’s always, been inevitably,
hard too explain.
POETRY BY Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.