xlarge.jpgWhat a mother for you,
every far fetched dream,
as she birthed me,
to be an
it seemed.
Every memories milestone
was pushed over a cliff,
as her narcissistic lies cradled ears,
too prepare
for a lifetime riffs.
She fooled them all,
who thought
she fit
their story’s reasons and excuses,
as I fell helplessly head first,
into all her, ruthlessness.
The coldest heart
as long as I’ve
ever known,
so deep in her own deceptions,
since my birth,
never properly
welcomed home.
Stripped of every valuable feeling I’ve ever had,
as she picked through
what was left,
to make shadow puppets,
in my sadness.
Jumping to every juncture
too destroy the name she gave me, then with her own tongue,
found ways too damage it, shamelessly,
angered when her plans blew up in her face,
taunting my sadness,
to hunt down
more pain,
remembering​ the careless vindictive nature of her laughs.
While planting treacheries
too my every move,
to defeat all
my paths.
Killing every aspect,
to all my trust,
til my heart began holding it’s breath,
due too my mind’s​ fascination,​
of her death several times,
as a guilt-free
celebrated, lust.


Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose- Revised
Copyright (c) 2017


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