The Selfless Date 

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Fact was they knew one another a long time as just friends.

Sharing everything, jokes, secrets, even dirty talk back and forth was part of their blend.

Due to distance and business trips, his touch went craved,

but totally unknown.

His presence, lips, finger tips, and especially the curve of his bone.

They spoke many times regarding unlucky scheduled fates,

but lack of an instrument,

made her hungered belly ache.

Setting up a plan to make him want to drill and pave.

The time was nearing his visit,

but her body wouldn’t behave.

Flipping their talk back too steamy,

not knowing how long her loins could wait, anxious from all the dreams, kept her mind pacing.

She maneuvered into the conversation,

that she was going to have this romantic date.

His mouth dropped,

almost as fast as his grand pizzazz

but he remained respectful, knowing he’d waited long too…

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