Racy, Tasty, or Crazy #337

Monday’s a good day to reflect on matrimony…When for better or worse, is hilariously at it’s worst…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

stock-photo--d-wedding-cake-and-funny-couple-situation-125525105Help-Funny-Couple-Picture9052e899d7b9d92411a77dae83ee9a873e24c0a7387ad9c6ec6b6562bfdfb332Funny-couple-cartoon-picture-300x281With the children all off to college, Gwen has been told this was the time to focus on Gus and rekindle their romance.funny-couple-cartoon'I gave him the best years of my life. That's true. Then we got married.'Romantic-love-moment-in-couple74e4f94aa4f3b7de30ea2285a4c59ef1

The skinny of it is, after 20+ years with anyone you’ll visit every scenario of the good, the bad, and the ugly, especially in marriage, may as well have a terrific sense of humor…Hold-On-BitchWatching-the-neighbors-husband-do-something-contructive-with-his-bare-hands-rather-than-jerking-off-meme-38359Even-if-his-future-wife-is-driving1funny-couple-thin-gym-cake-fatc3a0a197469170d34a355015e918142536c69ac70c0037722c35c0de08d39c04



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