He Dreamed the Queen Took a Seat

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

The attack of her smacks,

echoed hypnotically in his dream.

As he rose to power, standing elongated to bow, before the Queen.

He quizzically measured her ingredients, amazed by its squeeze.

As the Queen’s passionate royalty began to prematurely seep.

She took a seat, on the pedestal to his throne.

Ascending unto the unbending,

that intrigued her nobility to moan.

Descending she observed an expression of surprise,

as her clincher sized up, an already surprising ride.

So the Queen, again ascended slowly, pulling with much seduction, igniting and releasing a fire that would enrage, a combustible pipe’s eruption.

The pulsating beast gave way,

to claustrophobic walls,

closing in, suffocating snuggly, as he felt them wrap tighter, before spraying down, on it all.

He layed there half awake in a daydreamed haze.

Replaying over and over the dream, eyes still closed in an enchanted, retreat of glaze.

As he opened…

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