Dare Me?


Do I dare?
Think of your stare,
the way- you awake my senergy, purely,
and charging up all
my energies
Ha! I really
try not too make it too,
hard on you,
but you ask for it,
always drenching me,
in unexplainable ways,
with a simple word or two.

See, with your not fitting in to tight spaces, 

your wiggling,
trying to get in
your kisses that touch,
every span,
of my jiggling’s,
my nerve endings, unending.
Damn, dare me,
too take all of you,
today, I surely can,
if it was poker,
I’d raise,
descending and ascending you,
a few times,
in my hands.
King, I’d hold your crown responsible,
certainly its capable,
too lay, upon my satin crease,
while you steadily grow,
even more too please.
For the abundant pleasures,​ budding,
upon my protruding needs.
Dare me,
too take a seat,
as I take your breath,
completely away,
staring at you, with my hands on your chest,
while my hips never, stop moving,

and that away.
Be my guest,
too check,
take a peek,
uplifting me,
up, just partially
as I call,
falling back down, too it all,
as the bounces surround,
do you feel that heat?
It’s what you do to me,
when the snapping song, is on repeat.
Cause when you’re not present,
there’s pouting,
no coming out or sprouting.
Dare me, too turn,
without getting up,
reversing the saddle up,
so the full moon,
can fill the windows,
to your soul’s cup.
As I hide your long suffering inside, until my name is cried.
Dare me if you will,
too mix the spills,
as I clench sporadically
too wear your chills.
Dare me, too crawl,
into your cuddle too recharge,
so I can take you off guard..Again.
Like when I dared, that special pin of your lavish kisses,
at the beginning, as you melted me, with that wicked grin.

I Double Dare you..

Erotic Poetry By Tamara Moore

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