Roles in the Wild Chase


He proudly thought he corrupted her city,
as she tried running away,
he remained in high pursuit,
not taken in,
by the tale tale signs,
of the volumes she displayed.
So close he reached out to grab her hips,
as her asphalt caved in around him, ย they both fell,
she turned,
to taste his lips,
while a spray,
of hot wax,
coated and shined his chrome,
in full detail.
She turned around recharged,
in a newly state of mind,
an entirely different country,
role-playing refined.
He never saw it coming,
she’d backed up,
slamming into reverse,
arching her back,
til his curve,
made her waterfall, burst.
Crying out feverishly,
she began reaching under them,
massaging, shivering as she cursed.
Feeling back on track,
her insides melted,
his heightened level,
of steel pride.
He tried his hardest to maintain,
but she was now,
more intrigued,
to make him cry.
As payback, too a sensual chase,
so well worth her wild.

Erotic Poetry By Tamara L.D.Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright ยฉ 2017


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