Checking the Records.. Think I’ll take My Chances on Mexico’s Water


I don’t know about anyone else but I refuse too die from my thirst.
Do you know the end of February early March,
Detroit, Michigan had a two day what? Boil alert!!!!
And this went 24 hours before the schools, notified parents,

parents became aware by the news, after the children went too school an entire day earlier.

Gov. Snyder it’s simply impossible for Michigan,

to have anymore water problems, its your ass that needs to be boiled.
I’m just saying after Flint, Michigan’s poisoned water system,
that he’s dodged responsibility for, as well the potholes and sinkholes from water, caving in roads in Michigan, he’s refused too fix for almost 10 years too date, from salted roads in winter, and the worst and most unpredictable weather than any other State,
because he wanted to make an additional route into Canada instead.
That no one voted for by the way, and he just signed the bill on his own, a Governor.
Well truth is Michigan has seen it’s fair share of water issues over the years,
in other words ,

Flint, is not the 1st time,
the children obtained learning disabilities from

high levels of lead poison, ADHD, ADD, Bipolarism, became crime riddled, skin irritations, allergic reaction’s and other health issues, as the list goes on .
Back in the 90’s Detroit, Michigan had the very same problem,
swept so conveniently under the rug, that the majority of its children, born in those years have every mental, behavioral, health problems known to man.
Without any programs set up, retribution or reimbursement,
or a test that our water ever got better, just multiple class action lawsuits that turned down a deadend road hmm, after records were “misplaced” or lost at Herman Kiefer Hospital the one stop shop for records, that tested every lead case in Detroit, Michigan. The hospital since closed in 2015.
Yet, every single case was dropped.

I’m thinking  maybe every crime riddled city should look no further then the water, for it’s high crime rates.
I love how everyone just forgot about this entire situation,
Hell, I was only 19 then,
and spoke out regarding the growing number of mental issues in the children, and where they came from.
I had tons of questions, researching everything from sanitation of water, too old rusted untreated pipes, too depopulation methods
In “certain” communities by government, little experiments they do to keep population controlled and down.

Every since exposure from lead in water, became a problem most have amnesia, so strange

but people act like its never
happened before Flint,
as if, this is the first situation like it, as our children have struggled, in the highest illiteracy, comprehension,
increased drop out rates and failed the most academically,
in every state based test, and in most cases, life, while they closed more then half the schools, anyway.
Me personally, I think I’ll take my chances with a glass of Mexico’s tap, at least the warning is at your own risk, actually told not to drink they’re water, unlike Michigan..Where your guess is as good as anyones, if
its indeed safe too bathe, swim, cook, fish or consume any water in Michigan…
Just My thoughts…
Thanks for Reading!💗

Blog By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Copyright © 2017
And never just take my word for it, research it for yourself, for your family, children, States and Cities.
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