Passionately waiting for romance to begin,
the deepest,
hungriest kisses,
that trail, too never end.
Waiting so patiently for the heat,
of his hands,
stirring my body,
until voluntarily, my hypnotized hips,


I craved to take two hands and a tongue,
to his waiting member’s stance,
with just a few pulls,
he backs away
before I blow his chance.
So mystique was the dashing flicks of his tongue’s beginning,
tingling, meshing, mingling with my excitement,
without an ending.
As I slid down,
into each momentous lash,
steering his head over my swollen sweet pea’s, protruding sass.
Making its appearance feverishly known,
peeking out,
waywardly between his lips,
wildly thrashing,
the tip of his nose.
As he marvels over my little friend,
he took his big plan,
rubbing it against my condescending side grin.
Staring amazingly down,
testing the waterfalls temperature,
before going all in.
he erotically rammed the narrow path in haste,
as he felt the anxious, tightness of being pulled in, swallowing him to get it’s taste.
my grabs,
latched on
being bad,
as he rhythmically pierced the wettest pleasure spot, that he’d ever had.
Barely able to speak,
we both gave in,
too fascinating,
explosive peaks.
EROTIC Poetry 18+ Mature Content
By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended. Reblog


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