A Little Limerick too The Long-winded


There once was sexy gentleman,
long winded in his carnal ways,
though in his travels,
he met a gorgeous
who’s drive
went on for days.
A perfectly made match,
had been hatched, favorably too balance out his ways.
Filled with hydration,
Unlike the other’s,
who met agony,
destroyed egos​,
as well severe, dehydration.
He rendered them
to assist in his best.
He took on this gorgeous creature, regarding his every quest.
She looked him in his blues,
and said she never tired,
in her filled promise,
taking on the job,
as if she’d been hired.
He was pleased,
she was like
no other request.
pleased with each of his desires.
Excitedly taken in
by every rise,
like she never needed rest.
Pleasantly enjoying every single talk, ride, and certainly every inch, of his long winded, best.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.


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