Sugary Spiciness Maybe, Not..

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Not your traditional Sugar and Spice, everything nice type, yet nowhere near a Tom-boy.

Except maybe when my guttered mind, thinks twice.

I’m a Queen. Never been a Princess they too often need to be saved, and I Healed long ago, from being victimized, deprived and Brave.

I’m a Daddy’s girly girl, with a dirty martini twist, kissing with my eyes open so there’s nothing I’ll miss.

In my mind, if it’s sliding, gliding, going inside– and I’m present and witnessing, I’m splitting it, double dipping it, 2handing it, kissing it and sticking it, while willing it to fit in this.

So that’s why I’m not much on being sugar and spice, because when I was nice, I wasn’t very enticing, enjoying any excitement, or very lively, was just keeping my prowess wild inhabited inside me.

Usually advised often to think twice in my gutter’s speech, as I roll my…

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