The Box


Learned of it’s mystery, 

it’s capabilities, and depth.
What excites,
its existence,
grant wishes,
igniting an inciteful
premeditated kiss
in prelude to it’s death.
The magical inner lining, stock-photo-young-beautiful-pretty-girl-standing-and-holding-black-box-with-red-roses-vogue-fashion-style-401000209
that’s inclined
to attack..
with the slickness, of a button,
encoded to take down,
the cockiest strokes,
even that tasted, the fullness of lips .

I acknowledge what makes it a tool, sinisterly, side grinning, 

grinding down upon,
a dull pencil’s lead,
like a sharpener, winning.
out foxing,
hiding out,
inside the tiny sleeve of the box,
that actually,
with the heart and head’s, route.
I found what intrigues it’s need,
too be driven,
the competitive nature,
which holds it’s ambition,
to retract after release,
of all,
it receives, and is given.
Has ingredients,
of course,
that forces
aero dynamic suspension,
a contoured fit
too work
with twist and turns,
that holds,
the tread’s lifetime, attention.

as a jack-in-the box,
yet a verbal warning is stated,
due too addictive contents mentioned,
even a second visit
inside the box,
could very well
gift a
straight jacket
into detention.

Erotic Poetry By, Tamara Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017


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