Conditional Beats..

The heart has conditions, 

takes a beating, over the years.
Holding all your secrets and each one of your fears.
It feels and trust, and certainly can be touched.
Somewhere along your journey, you’ll also burden it with love.
Just know with the heart,
it’s open season, it can be fragile with no rhyme or reasonable reasons. IMG_20170414_185316_100
Hear the drum roll to the heart’s rhythmic beat:
the heart mends, breaks,
can be superficially fake,
guilt ridden, misleading, wishful, needing, calculating, unreasoning, wishful, bleeding, joyously whimsical, aloof, and dreamy.
The heart flutters, sings, is hopeful, and tingly, mushy, promise filled, direct and unyielding.
Hardened, vindictive, full of conviction, closed, on hold, set aside, prideful, worn on sleeve’s, loathing, scheming, exclusive, clingy, notoriously jealous, regetful, wild, sweet, or free.
Renewed, consumed, full of deceit, doomed by love’s cycle to repetitively repeat, rude, demeaning, aware by defeat, pierced, fragile, forced to retreat.
The heart makes up tons of excuses,
agreeably its conditions, can be quite a nuisance.
However the Heart let’s you know when enough is enough.
And nobody in this world,
better dare call it’s bluff.

Poetry By Tamara Moore
Copyright (c) Reserved purposes intended for Tamara Dorsey-Moore and audiences.
Thinker on the Loose


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