My Best

Hated me being the best, for it offended you, 

to wonder constantly upon discovery,
of who else knew.
As I held your angry attention, fought my way through your stresses,
waited patiently upon your trust and honestly, c518805510dda47ec270e29f7255157f
answered all your probing questions .
Maybe my confidence,
unnerved you,
to the bitter core,
when you had the option,
to keep going,
instead of taking on more
then you bargained for.
You were a foe to my friendly nature, never quite got my ambitious mind, You never welcomed my optimism, my smile or accepted the need of my quiet time.
I never succumbed to limitations,
as the ceiling was yours,
mine’s the sky.
You became driven by your own mind’s stories,
trying to catch me,
in a lie.
They say opposites attract,
well I beg to differ.
I learned obsession
isn’t love,
as you give
no more,
then a few stalkers,
had delivered.
I refuse to apologize ,
for its not a flaw to be well rounded,
my personality was too great to be held down ,
when you lack one,
and weren’t well grounded.
You fought me on being my best,
took credit for my dreams, bombarded my expectations,
even tried to lower my esteem.
You fought the strength of my heart, antagonized my depthful wisdom,
untied the binds to my perfection and interesting dimensions .
Crashed the serenity of my hideaway,
even tried to steal my peace,
that it was stored,
then I ever allowed you
to reach.
You hate me being my best,
the distinct high regard of my stature.
My intellegence was too overwhelming.
So my heart you forgot to capture.
You ridiculed my thoughts,
yet tripped
trying to riddle my sharp mind,
as it stabbed you,
time after time.
You hated my best,
it brought out
all of your mean ugly sides.
Never gathering,
this Queen’s crest reigned,
and was ruled by more
then your injured pride.
BY Tamara Moore~Queen Rules
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright 2016 Reserved for purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore


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