Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Politically shut eyes, play blind,
but are part of factless media lies.

Police brutality, missing children on the rise,

scripted News speaks daily, bought only, to scare viewers, no surprise.

Children found dead,

but their body parts are missing,

as the Black market privately exhibits, for the largest buyer’s to get it .

Call me a theorist, cause my mind goes deep,

I’m waiting patiently on the awakening of my family out of sleep.

It appears we aren’t socially inept enough, except on social media,

informantly what they expect from us.

For it ties up our time, and even causes neglect.

Instructing gratification, but offering no respect.

A Premeditated way to dummy down, and technology us out,

In order for huge issues to pass randomly about.

Otherwise, we need to understand our lives are what’s in debt.

We will always be behind, and not with just bills, but for…

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