Recyclable Heart II

Refusal too call it what it was,  added pressure, to the weight of denial’s, lectured guilt.

As the name became prevalent- hard too chew, sticking to the roof of the mouth as a failed attempt, too root, as the green thumbs flowers wilt.

Irreconcilable differences, was exactly what existed, and had been built,

given too long were days of remission, to cure, mend a patch over the holes too last,
as it became mentioned.
Reversed psychology wasn’t his strong suit, never one of his qualities.
As only few were shown, but only by the friends, he was following.
Not one more word said could further saturate her heart,
Keeping it hemmed up, or
challenge her nerves, as they ventured off.
Her feet followed, for home was no longer homey, or her home.
But cold, isolated, with many awkward silences, and sometimes just a shallowness, of alienation she couldn’t ignore.

In her departure she felt a freedom she’d never truly known, and by the 2nd day he had already
started sending random nude pics,
texting images of other women too her phone.
More than 8 of these bitches, were placed in her zone.
He called too inquire that she received them.
As she sarcastically told him nice, and how she liked the one in red, as her loyalty,
became a target, in which he would prohibittedly tread.

Hidden behind a sinister meaning, his dark humour, were mere preconceived notion tests.
She wasn’t fazed, for obviously he’d forgotten who played the game, best.
He became a broken eggshell, Humpty Dumpty as guessed, that tagged along,
upon all her quest.
She knew it was time too move on, seeing he had too,
but he constantly called, inquiring about Suzy Q, as she laughed at the implication, of his suggestion, too what?  She said. Wait for you?
He began stalking her phone,
swearing unanswered calls meant she was with another,
When in fact, it was a cover-up, for the decision made in their home, he’d already moved in, others.
Then came the threats,
too kill her and whomever she was with, she almost truthfully gave in, used too explaining.
Finding out, he was also on a current date, while letting it slip, of 30 just waiting too replace her. Only thing that hit her mind was how boy, worked overtime,
finding shallow holes too fill,

he took on quantity, as her quality intrigued one goal, and that was too heal.
Her heart learned too genuinely fall back, and what it took,
as it only searched realness, and being well rounded, something you can’t get from a book.
The blessings and lesson she met, was her soul, very special, helpful, loving, wanted her alone.
Saddened and angered,
by the wasted time, when she gave in, too the estranged husband’s
constant, bickering,
ringing of her phone, allowing him into their Oasis, the tranquility he offered her mind, their forbidden zone.
After all the messages, and the insulting attacks of 6 months,
She was sorely done, as his threats and begging, nagged at her and still wore her down.
As her soulmate allowed the space needed for closure or whatever was best, with hopes she’d trade the 16+ years with him, for their shared months instead.

She hated the feeling in her gut, with it’s acknowledgement of
going back home and too what…To be continued.

Poetry Life lessons Part 2 Recyclable Heart- By Tamara Moore~Thinker on the Loose Copyright © 2017