🔥 Fire


Awaken by intense heat, a fire’s certainty spreading.
A hose near by, of destruction,
that clearly hung, pass passion’s length.
probing expeditiously
like an arousal of a scavenger’s search of treasure, before the ship sinks.

Beads of sweat formed, trickling as the hose became revealed, IMG_20170405_173645_506

rubbing, and taunting the emotional fire’s link.
Survey conducted a measure,
too hold freedom’s,
an appealing gloved fit,
to feel every internal sob.
Tenderly massaged, to go off,
in mini explosions,
fireworks ignited by the heat,
begging of urgency.
As attention stood,
stimulated reaching pass travels distance too extinguish,

the emergency.
As the Fire was contained, there were cries between peaks,
as the hose rushed out spraying, until it was reduced,
too few leaks.
Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose Reblog-Mature Content 18+
Copyright © 2017