The Hushed Kiss


Found myself singing the song inside my head, 

moving toward the window’s sunlight,
As thoughts of his words, came too me, instead.

Saying, I was so different,

spiritually gifted, 240_F_71792881_LbIaYu1vPrTxBzaAiVA6ZVFn0khB8XbJ

a wild child, with the effects of a sauna’s smile,
that warmed any cooled heart
for thousands, of miles.
Looking through my reflective souls’,
he spoke so sweet,
of my honey’s gold,
where, grey flecks peeked in- taking over,
boldly- mixing,
Yet also reside there.
How my eyes held his heart still, into a telepathic stare off,
a contest,
a spiritual quest, a hunger at will.
As my mind revealed needful urgence to purge,
too chime in,
A hidden control’s

natural need,

too add a semi colon, exclamation mark, or a period, too the end.
It’s really how my humble start off, went vain,

capturing his compliment’s, from they’re freedom to hang.

Not full yet I began to ramble.
“I am every woman, hypnotically gestured, filled of every idea of romance’s sweetest, pleasure.
From the shiest setting, too the boldest, driven smile.
The sunshine lights my eyes, 

covering an intense storm”s desire,

through the windows of my soul’s, drifting mind”…
He covered my lips in forever’s kiss,
I closed my eyes, in mid sentence,

too redeem this passions fire. 

That kiss was too

hush me. Trust me,


regarding my mephobia


But funny thing about it is, that very kiss,
was exactly the extra compliment, that I needed.


Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017


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