Bitter G

Before forgiveness entered my heart and challenged my need of apologies that never came. I was in the darkest place when I wrote this years ago.. Mother is and will always be a different breed… Have a pleasant read.

It’s absolutely official,
most old ass has been,

have issues.

Repeating life’s lesson is in your pores.
Stealing your own children’s,

is what you live for.

Most of you miserably failed your own, so this time around, it’s just minus the bone.
You ran shamelessly after their father, until he left home.
And the word Latchkey,
came from your miserable asses,
leaving us alone.
You lurk around in shadows, notating the flaws of your own kids, with hopes of being 2nd,
no 1st natured,

mom to theirs.

You old mother goose,
you had your chance.
Now get out the way and let your children stand.
You refuse to be called grandma,
by your own grand kids.
You’re like, “no call me momma”, threatening them, with big ass fibs.
You old dried up fossil,
you know you’re in the wrong,
going to church every Sunday, manipulatively lying and leading people on..
How did you get this cold, and set in your ways?
When you dropped your kids off,
too live single and childless,
back in the day.
Giving your kids, hand me downs and shoes that were played.
Oh, but now,

you’re so hip, you’re
promising the grand kids Jays?

Old mother hen get back in your place.
Parenting includes love, respect, dedication and grace.
How do you sleep?
Slandering, defaming and being two faced.
Oh wait I’ll allow you– to tell, how your mom actually taught your children their ways,
on not being disrespectful or turning toward disgrace.
While you kept your kids in court, laughing,

stating you’re on the take.

As the people laugh with you, already know your ass, a fake.

Let’s face it, you know you failed by your own damn clock,

now you treat yours wrong,
while their little ones watch?

Get over yourself , you were the worst mother  I’ve seen.
Especially trying to challenge my parenting skills, behind my back to my sons,
or sneakily, right in front of me.
Now step aside let me school your Bitter Ass G , show you how this thing was suppose too be.

Never mind, this lesson you’re not worthy of, from me.
Oh but guess what , I have an update, a daughter of my own now.
I enjoy watching her grow into such loving ways,as I admire her direction.
As, I’ll never let her feel your many deceptions .
Don’t ever bother asking about my little girl, mark my words,
there’s no way in Hell,
I’d ever allow her to step foot–

into your Fucked up world.

To The Bitter Grandma’s that try to take all the credit from their children, stealing the joy and love away from grand-children, lying to the masses, and never raised their own children, but criticize, slander, or try to steal every valuable memory away.  This one’s for you😂


By Tamara Moore
Copyright 2008 Reserved for the purposes of Tamara L Dorsey-Moore