The Infusion


He remained by the buffet before him.
Never tasted anything as sweet,
as this bizarre infusion,

he was exploring.

The smoothest velvety moist mix,
of chocolate, with a cotton candy twist.
He savored its richness, simultaneously, IMG_20170326_125402_851
excited by,

it’s returned tongue,
too his kiss.

As his guilt overwhelmed him,
off his 2nd helping,
which was followed by his 5th and 6th.
Inclined, to ravish each depthful layer’s ooze,
for it not only,
offered satisfaction, too his hungry pallet,
but added visual crave to his,
dessert spoon.
He couldn’t believe how he did without this combination as long, resembling a lava cake experience, bursting,
but with an internal song.
This infusion seduced and bewitched his tongue,
as well intrigued a seductive
mixture, inside.
Compelling him,  no comparison in conclusion,
as captivating to watch,

as the chocolate cotton candy infused ride.
For in its full eruption, intrusively

infused, end.
He was left with chills outside his body,
yet also internally, locked in.
Erotic, Sexual Mature Poetry By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore.
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended .
Thinker on the Loose.Reblogged


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