Tug of War Blue’s


Early struggles of tug a war, marriages’ inside joke, too a mismatched story.
Chauvinist, feminist, being always in between,
sitting on the gate of melting esteem.
No turning back the 20’s are gone, the watch is broken, as time has moved on.
No opposites ever really attract.
Only Opposition, by reasonable means to react.IMG_20170325_175018_25
A married mind follows dutifully, toward biblical extremes .
As backburner thoughts,
sores the heart, to remain clean.
Curfew’s freedom, answered calls plead, antagonized submissions, dying to re-lead.
Unspoken truths hibernate in error, waiting for logical kick ins, to be risen by speedy care.
Uneven plateaus, an exhausting long hike, when listening shuts down,
for the imminent need, to be right.
Pride’s ego saturates,
tug a war in a truce,
flags go up, while words are stewing in their juices.
Past instances show where debates went wrong, a record skipping–a speakers dynamics, pausing and playingΒ an, old blues song.
The road map of matrimony, holds a distinct treasure, but survival’s rainbow, detours through the endurance, of turbulent weather.
Prolonged convictions, apologies that never come, one sided thinking, changing notes to hums.
Offering defensed answers,
and reactions for some,
as a second off the lips , can tug for many days a sum.
Yet a Rainy mixed sunshine, brings the rainbows to come.
By Tamara L Dorsey-Moore
Copyright(c) 2016 Reserved purposes
for Tamara Moore~TOTL πŸ˜‰

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