She stared at him so deeply, as he slept,
while her past nudged her daydreams,
inquiring this time’s
For her heart weighed the cost of pro and cons before,
now it feared beating the same,
or rising to soar.
It merely slowed down to a murmur, since being ripped out, falling to the floor.
Wondering the journey he’d decide to take her on,
once time slowly ticked-tocked toward a path slow dancing alone. She pictured the main 3 types,
she’d currently known.
She investigated his sexy face and his body, wondering if he’d call her home.
Investigating his clothes neatly laid across the chair.
Wondering did he rotate between women or call himself a player.
To her he was very attentive, caring and sweet,
which could render him on rebound or married, just dousing some heat.
She stared so long trying to identify his aura,
he must of felt her energy and began, to stir.
slightly awaken he smiled and kissed her cheek,
as she prepared for the next move being his need to leave.
He pulled her in closer,
drifting, back off too sleep.
Her eyes met his phone sitting on the table, no rings, or texts bombarded,
singling out her 1st two labels.
Speaking for months he’d never spoke of another,
but her heart built walls, to not burst any further.
Knowing love as her nemesis,
she stole every chance to feel its glow,
never knowing if she’ll enjoy again, the sweetness of another,
1st time kisses growth.
She became more fearful that he could be a difference, challenging her wall.
As he didn’t fit the third description of the lying physo, abuser at all.
Hoping this time to not be her own demise,
tucking her layers under all her pride.
As she nestled deeper into his cuddle,
deciding not to sabotage the possibility of budding love.
She’d enjoy the effects of its rising tide,

riding shotgun into its unpredictable ride.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.


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