Pretty Loveless

Blackout of feelings, void of love, essence of darknesses, abyss unplugged.

Terms of endearment, hanging and tattered, unexpressed and still, 

until contempt is scattered. 

Selective bargaining, for dishonorables said, 

held hostage of loving words, 

bound tightly in shreds.

Thinking worst first, 

is a plague that’s sought, 

too disrupt and administer poison, 

to a sweet and tender heart.

Antagonizing ways, 

speak volumes to the interior, stripping away enamored fiber, of love’s posterior.

Years take a toll, and minus all regard, 

of a victim’s power of intake, that destroys the loving heart.

Proof of once was, is hidden, 

under planks. 

Superficial denies heart, of it’s goal and yanks.

With each breath of sorrow, 

a growled sigh penetrates. 

Drying the bone’s marrow, to life’s   captured fate.

Rapist wit, to overshadow a glow, 
by the suspect’s need to bully, within rapture between row.

Judgment stands out like sunlight’s Karma, 

enduring no more, ancient translucent drama’s.

Sacrifice is taken in by all accords, 

for when love is murdered, 

its something the heart ultimately, can’t afford.

By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose

Copyright (c) Reserved for purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore (Reblog)


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