Slightly Used..Thrift Store

We’ve all been told you get what you pay for, however, 

imagine if love was something, 

you could get from a local Thrift Store.

 Now you’d see lots of signs 

 posted wall to wall, with credentials, mental history,  

maybe even a last owners reasons for withdrawal. 

The biggest sign would read non-refundable of course, 

as you whiz pass the huge section,  of the cheaters and Divorced.

Certainly cringe from the commotion coming from the middle section, 
as past lessons taught, would remind too use caution and discretion. 

 Looking through for passed inspections, as you run across attention seekers, jealous hearted, and the low self esteem chart, 

all ready to be pursued, but most shoppers sprint pass, 

to not appear callous or rude.

Further down you’ll listen, 

but not want to intrude, 

as you walk past, 

numerous fights and pending feuds.

As you begin witnessing, 

lots of loud unnecessary drama’s, 

as you pass the area of baby Daddies and Momma’s. 

All on cells, angrily preoccupied and texting, 

never even noticing, 

the crowd running pass their section.

Second hand people are never lightly used, 

with challenging ways, 
some drastically broken, and overly used. 

Through your peripheral, seen are the thugs and Misses, 

as you refuse to look over, to avoid any eye contact with yet another section. 

Just think it’d take months, even years for the used to show they’re true selves, uncomfortable fits, elastic gone, not suitable for anyone else.

The ones, that flip back and forth between the sexes, 

all the horrifying stalkers, and serial exes, those who reslly prefer to be by themselves, are stocked excessively on the used shelves.
 Over on the left, barely clothed  and pleading, are the thirstiest of side chicks‘, strippers, and naked social media.

 Beckoning to you with hot stories to tell, of how their friend is thrown in, as part of the deal .

 Others in that group, ask for your number, so they can slip a nudie to your phone, while remaining undercover.

 You may take your time, 

 browsing thru this particular section,  

as attractive new comers smile invitingly and beckon, testing their own ego’s, too simply get a rise, an erection.

Knowing at the end, you won‘t be able to cope.

You smile and wink, giving life to false hope.

The male dancers and side guys, in direct competition, trying to hook up, with any of the promiscuous, barely clothed and insecure women.

However your steps never miss a beat, 

you turn right, as the sign then reads: 

 Please check out our business section, before you leave .

The blue collar, neatly dressed, even in Sunday’s best, are all present, the ones that clean up good.

 With a closer look you see, healthcare, receptionists, customer service, computer geeks, engineers, land contractor’s , church members who preach,

 as well as street walkers, dealers, and ex junkies from the hood. 

 Who lied on the applications, because they clean up good.  

Superbly dressing the part, some are actor’s who lie for a living, could be lawyer’s, models, teacher’s, in sports or simply void of having hearts. 

As these overstocked section’s are here to enter your life, too play  entertaining parts.

So at that moment, your 1st mind kicks in, a lot of slightly used people, are often no one’s friend.

 “Fair exchange in this case, is pure robbery of your time“. 

So as the salesperson comes over…

you smile and say never mind.

Poetry Lesson  By Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose


Copyright (c) 2015



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