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I write on a pretty broad spectrum, mostly real life, especially in childhood, relationships, sex, and about my prophetic dreams and a few visions I’ve had over the years and currently. 

I research just about everything, never really been into Sci-fi, aliens, and crop circles, not saying I don’t believe there’s a possibility of “other’s” that walk and live amongst us, I just find other things more interesting. 

I mean I thought for years I was the Angel of death, refusing to visit loved ones because I feared my presence brought death, 

especially if I dreamt of them first, and I always dreamt of the deceased talking to me since a little girl, and they would be very detailed talks, heck I’m still not totally sure. 

My husband and children were accustomed to a few ghosts following us to new locations or living with us, reminding us of they’re presences from time to time, obviously none were evil, 

but very much around.

I must admit I’ve been paying attention to everything since 

around 2010, because that was when changes started getting pretty obvious to those that observe everything like myself, and my dream journal begin filling up that year.

Well I will only give a few examples of the things that chilled me to the core, and let me say I used to be the horror movie Queen.

Once I began noticing the less TV and movies I watched, the more my mind opened too reality, 

in which was way spookier than any fictionalized program, I’d ever watched. 

In my researching I began hearing of synthetic people, clones and mk ultra brainwashing experiments. 

It unnerved me, I didn’t express this to my family out of them thinking I was losing it.

As movies began only showing Apocalypses, of zombies, robots, altered weather, aliens, and satanic cults, rituals, sororities, while devil statues began actually surfacing in my own and different cities across each State, as well as through the strange “art” of graffiti artist, without fear, tagging walls in the middle of the night, in Downtown or in the ghettos, miles from their own homes.

I began noticing parts of the Bible come alive, as people grew more heartless and cold, lovers of themselves, homosexuality ran marathons in our families and rampant throughout, as molesters, sodomy, and other vileness became more evident in the World. 
I noticed my dreams tired me, 

before showing me the lesson or allowing the brief peek to its end and most of these dreams became repeated nightly, 

like the movie ” Ground Hog’s day”, for, just in case I missed something. 

I had a reoccurring dream for 4 years, until every part start playing out in real life, different places, but with faces I’d never saw before, only in the dream. 

Not to run anyone’s mind in circles but I needed to get this portion out, do bare with me, although it may appear scattered, I carry these pockets of thoughts with me everywhere. 

This way I’d be able to see the rest of my dreams transpire, 

its ending, especially the one’s that appear on hold, just waiting until no one’s paying attention, too overwhelm our already busy lives  and schedules.

I’ve also noticed glitches in these cloned individuals and I believe a few live in my neighborhood, so before I get deeply into what I call the “clone posse”.

My family and I moved last year from a rental, we had a fire at the previous house, in which was a two family, so we allowed an ederly lady to move-in over us, we met her at the hotel we briefly stayed at, due too multiple agenda’s and were previously victims involved in the big Bank of America home loan scandal, when all the banks were foreclosing and other schemes on homeowners, trying to break up families, long story short we were overlooked and received no retribution, reimbursement, redemption notta, finding out after all we went through they’re process, they took the mortgage off the house and gave it back to us, 

once the taxes began accumulating. Anyway we moved out to save ourselves the embarrassment in front of neighbors we grew to know and like. 

The elderly lady we took in and felt sorry for, 

was no way an ordinary harmless senior citizen, 

but a “demon” she was well traveled, and the first black student at St. Anthony’s Catholic school in Detroit, MI and she spoke with pride regarding her mother being a voodoo priestess, 

“after” she moved over us, 

then the stories came in droves.

She didn’t drive so imagine, 

I became her personal chauffeur as she would pay me to take her too the Casino and oil shop,  she rarely went anywhere else. 

On a few occasions she began not understanding that I’d be tooo tired to take her all the time and she’d get angry.

If she became angered our bad luck started immediately, she stopped my husband’s libido for 1 whole year right before the fire. We were out cooking at our stand and was told by a customer our house was on fire.

The Fireman told us there was a pentagram over our bedroom full

of candles, 

although that didn’t start the fire, he said it very well could have, as he kept saying over and over again, it was some kind of voodoo and was very creepy. 

We took that as a sign from God to get away from her, 

move in a different direction, by the way she went right back to the very same Hotel without a problem we met her at.  

She did tons more, however once I stopped answering her calls, 

our lives actually started getting back too normal, but I noticed the outside world began showing signs of more people, like this woman, 

young and old. 

Frequenting oil shops, with angry heart’s, practicing witchcraft, 

full of hate, placing spells on the world, chanting in the night as you and I slept. 

I was just as unknowledgable to this type evil, as a lot people. It was chilling to know a real demon was sent our way too destroy and divide, but thankfully I rely on the Most High God to lead.

After the fire our landlady was nice enough to set us up in another property she had available, but without Ms Tony she stated,

her name still chills us.

I mean even the Landlady was afraid of her, she allowed only us in a single house rental, we had plans of saving to buy another home while renting, our catering business began prospering again at the new place, this was end of 2015 and things were going fine until Ms. Tony called, 

omg my daughter brought me the phone, and I could hear her, starting a new spell by her questions, 

how’s your business, your husband, your son(the youngest still home), your car? 

I wanted to hang up, instead I told her everything was fine, as I asked how she was, she basically hung up, and we didn’t hear from her again, but through her series of questions were firmly stated, I imagined her lighting a candle to each question.

I believe she was reconfirming one of her previous spells, she’d put on us, because my business began too decline, after her call, from many customers, too no calls at all asking the day’s special, 

my husband had surgery from an injury at work and was down for some time until 2016, my son was counting the days we moved into our own home, only to move out 2weeks later, and my car was totaled in a hit and run accident a block from my house, when this man blew the stop sign. 

Seeing all these setbacks, I still thanked God.

I wasn’t hurt or scared, more mad, but I began paying attention to how she called out the blue, asking only about those things. 

That same summer my 9 year old daughter and I were sitting on the porch one night and kept seeing something in the sky that didn’t move, but had blinking lights.

I played trying to lighten the situation by the fact I couldn’t answer her questions, 
by calling it spooookey, 

and we noticed it there all Summer into Fall never moving, 

just blinking, we didn’t pay attention in the colder months as we prepared only too move.

The last and final example, was when we moved in the house we bought in January 2015, 

on a very nice block, but by now I was elbow deep in research of everything, didn’t trust anything, or anyone without question. 

I wasn’t a fan to any celebrities, besides my favorites  who were dying off mysteriously Prince, Vanity, George Michael, Bowie and others. 

So we finally got situated and tried learning our new home, all its characters and things that went bump in the night. 

Noticed immediately the stove turned on ticking without a soul in the kitchen, ignoring it to not give it power, it eventually stopped, but there was also a smell sickness that would come out of nowhere disappearing just as fast.

By Summer I noticed the neighbors, they didn’t really have routines, 

like work or children, and you never saw them purchase groceries, at the store, or smell cookinh, they cut grass 2-3 times a week and cut hedges, only driving off coming back after 10-15 minute intervals, 

it didn’t appear they worked or were old enough to be retirement age, 

but I stood back watching quietly in the kitchen as they spoke to my husband, one really bizarre one, named Lance looks very suspect, he’s a Caucasian gentleman but you can’t determine his looks, he has no description and appears to wear a fake moustache and beard, he came to my husband and introduced himself after we’d been living here for about 7 mos, gave no info shook his hand and basically asked a few questions about our family, and strangely asked my hubs did he live in the house next door to ours, like he wasn’t aware of which house he came from, he always wears shades, that so far was the first and last time he spoke, but never to me, and usually I’m outside most, he will park in his driveway across the street and watch me through his mirrors. 

The next door family, the husband only speaks but here and there, 

all these people are very superficial too me, no real identifiable personalities. 

There are too many damn helicopters from morning to night and strange sounds always extremely early or late at night.

Well one night in the Summer in my star gazing attempts, I noticed again, the weird thing in the sky, this time directly over our new house, and the clouds moved over it but it never moved. 

So I tried to take pictures, my family saw it as well. 

I knew immediately this would be a weird neighborhood, from jump. 

So far the family man and next door neighbor ” Carl” is very strange, he only talks to my husband about eerie things like the previous owner being sick and dying in the livingroom, and a opossum that basically used to live under our porch, and he goes in our backyard often to cut the grass on the side of our house, walking past our bedroom window. My Staffordshire terrier was pretty laid back, but warned us when he was near.

Well his wife rarely comes out had a problem with our dog barking, and for any other reason will send Carl knocking at our door too instruct my husband what will make “your majesty” happy, it became quite annoying that this unidentifiable couple in my words were trying to run two houses, my husband thought I was just being “unfriendly” and mean and researching too much crazy stuff so I was simply being difficult. 

As I watched this man walk through our yard 2-3 times a week before 8am. 

He then came one day, and asked my husband could he bring my dog in daily by 7pm, because his wife couldn’t sleep when she barked, which was barely, or when he entered our yard for a minute until Sugar knew his intent. 

Well again, I wasn’t a happy camper, I felt the Clone posse ( or gang stalkers..look it up)were up too something, targeting our house. As I told my husband Sugar rarely barked and he dismissed me, saying she needed to be in, as she was in, only going out in the day, she began making accidents, or chewing up things, when we left her alone. She’s  a dog isn’t she suppose to bark.. I saw where this train was going and didn’t like it at all.

They were trying to free the neighborhood of every dog for at least two blocks radius, and before long my husband began talking about getting rid of her at the end of Summer and I began hating my block, my neighbors and the strange sounds I heard every morning at 5:45 or by 6:00 am. 

All of a sudden our car kept going down, battery issues, fuel pump, brakes, etc, our Navvy was down more than it ran, and with our dog inside, unable to warn us properly, it was getting ridiculous. 

I noticed all the dogs gone off the block as my husband offered Sugar to our eldest son to take home with him.

I was heartbroken, this man had the audacity the day my baby left, too say to my husband I didn’t mean to live with the dog or rid of it per say, laughing.  What!? 

He puposely made my husband grow tired of her in the house, shedding, mistakes and being a dog. Sugar ran away from my son’s house and he didn’t see her anymore.

Well now on my dogless  unprotected block, we see and hear the strangest things, but my daughter whose 11 now, 

finally heard this sound, 

its so scary, its like someone has something very heavy inside a sock spinning very quickly, until it fades out, she looked at me, I just acted as if I didn’t hear it this time, 

because everytime I speak of the sound no one admits to hearing it, and look at me like I’m crazy. 

She said mom! Her eyes were wide, I heard it! 

I heard a fast whirling sound at our front door,you always talk about …
I literally got excited as she explained the portal sound I had began keeping to myself for months.

It scared her and now we hear it more often, together,

 another thing we notice is 1 of the clone posse are always outside, doing nothing, standing around, or going in the house. 

Haven’t tied them to these portal sounds physically yet, but during the windstorms, power outages and other events, we’re watchful and praying. I’ve saw things as well, no explanation but my own. 

Oh believe me there’s so much more to tell you, but this is the short version regarding an old demonic witch, a posse of Clones, and the Portals we’ve endured so far.

I mean what else do you do when its no longer a dog on the block to warn you of impending dangers? 

I live on a block of superficial people, clones have you.

Pay attention you may see them or know of some as well, work with them….something’s just not quite right about them, and you can’t describe them or pick them in a line up, also look up sometimes, you might get surprised by what you see…


 If anything’s relatable in here, please feel free too comment, I lije to know I’m not awake, alone. 

Don’t think robot clones are real, here’s the new sex toys..long way from sheep cloning and forever pets..ijs..

 BLOG by Tamara Dorsey-Moore