Long Awaited Chapter’s 

I CAME into my own being, 

my intellectual meaning, 

after living on my own, since the tender age, of 17, 

making adult decisions some, 

I wished had more planning, 

a lot more thought, others were distinct lessons in which quickly I caught, although it was sometimes like jumping out the skillet, into a hot, filled grease pot. 


I SAW a one-sided world, often challenging my opinions, went through my share of heartbreaking, heartstopping moments that often took away my attention. Stumbling unto every deceptive story, my ears held intriguing
I CONQUERED every disappointing instance of my path, from sexual abuse, to survivor, too healing, to battling a mother that took everything else, that gave me genuine feelings.
I DIED just as I was winning, and my individuality soared, I became married by 25, slamming the beginning knocks of opportunities numerous doors. 

Married life gave me fake lies of a fairytales forever, out of 20, 10 great and steady years, then came the losses, in family members, jobs, indifferences in rearing kid’s, 

lost ambition drives, switched roles, egos, pride, separation’s and acceptance of sex at an alarming  reduced ratio, in my highest goals.

So close but yet so far, I pray often toward my thoughts and generally keep the good of my humour and especially of my heart.
YET I SURVIVED, resuscitated, CPR saved and elevated, knowing in all my history, my journey my story’s strength and triumphant testimonies, there is a strategy to my new beginning. 

I won’t be as sweet with youthful follies leading into my dirty 30’s, making way onto the prime 40’s. 

As my wisdom remains off the map, can’t speak on my marriage’s direction, but my loyalty is firmly packed.

Open minded, humour, and a continuous good heart, keep me one step above average, 

awaiting my newest chapter’s part

Poetry by Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

Thinker on the Loose 

Copyright  (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended.