All her inner peace, she neatly hid under the layers of her heart, 

as she bent over backwards, many times, to one’s she held in high regard.

For all the short-lived happiness, that was stored in the back of her mind.

The culprit’s never second guessed, once, that it could change at any time. 

Upon calculated steps, they never cared how she really felt.

Yet her wall got harder, each time they climbed, due to a relationship with God, and 

 how often she knelt.

For every advantage taken, defamation and lies spread, 

for every tear measured, 

for every evil intention read, 

for all stolen property, 

and every short changed deal, 

for every clever trap set.

She knelt asking God, to reveal.

More time began to lapse between their wicked plans, while her praise became more evident, 

as she stretched out both hands. 

Surely. there were times, 

the enemy came her way faster, 

but due to her Loyalty and Faith 

it reversed the outcome, as the wicked fell, into their own disaster’s.

By Tamara Moore

 Copyright  (C) 2016 Reserved for intended purposes for and 

by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose