Eye Contact 

In honesty, admiration, and trust, 

its the most endeared expression in love, 

a gentle touch of the chin to direct a kiss, acknowledgment of a blush, and sharing dream’s of your biggest wish.

Looking directly into the windows of the soul, speaks of loyalty, and

a deeper need to know.

The active sensual feelings, 

upon a gazes hold.

In the throws of passion, 

well any loving act, 

its adds heightened arousal, 

a mystique boldness, 

of beautiful depth filled, displayed sexy eye contact. 

I use it for every reason, as well as in anger, it’s part of my makeup to analyze and observe, even if I must stare into, 

the cold eyes of danger. 

Do you celebrate your eye contact?

I certainly do ❤

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved for purposes intended.