Dear Real Friends, 

      that took one for the team,

 starting along side that one, before having your own esteem.

Those who thought loyalty made them a fool, don’t change your great heart, for its a priceless jewel.

Pass the letter over to that friendenmy, the endless one, found lying against proof,  

that ruthless compadre that has dismissal of couth.

Back in the beginning, 

when there were, no excuses.

You had your run, protecting 2 faced lies, no need to look concerned or act suddenly surprised.

I’m about to make the wicked pack, 

for there’s no room after a main course, 

for your mere fruit snacks.

For the countless times, 

those friends, said they had your back,

but neglected to show, 

 the newest area in which they stabbed you at.

Contemplating, the years they wasted the majority of your time, 

lying, betrayers, trying to manipulate your mind.

Stood in front of you, 

shielding you from the wind, premeditated contempt, 

yet swearing they were your friend.

Often, decided they suited, 

your suitors’ better, 

laughing in your face, while thinking they were clever.

Yea, I got the memo, 

behind your back, that showed me your demo, and all your facts.

For all the years of your betrayal, 

I remained at peace, allowing you to smother yourself, 

in your own feces.

I gave you rope and played a role, while silently finding out your friendemy goals.

Freeing up space, 

I’m finally unloading my grudges, 

so why not expose, 

all of your messy little smudges.

You did not mind bringing treachery into my life.

And no I don’t want to hangout, 

for I’m busy being a wife.

All the competition I never saw coming, 

when you had nothing, 

remember, I was something.

Sharing my dreams, money and secrets with a fake.

But I’m the last one laughing now, slither on, you fucking snake.

For the times I cried and you were supposedly my support.

All the times I confided in you, 

on my Grandmother’s porch.

Yea, I let years fly by, 

without muttering a word, 

but I have grown children now, 

so I give them advice, it won’t, 

ever be absurd.

Or haunting the back of my mind, of your deceptive ways,
like you got away free and clear, without even paying.

Seeing as how you beg now, 

for my presence and approval, 

while I decline hmm, I bet, 

you’ve wondered why all the refusal?

No, I don’t want to be seen out, 

in public with you, 

not over drinks , 

not even for a minute or two.

Just be happy now, 

you made it off my list, 

you’re forgiven wholeheartedly, 

but also dismissed.

You claimed to be a sister, 

still to one’s that don’t really know, but my bloodline is rich, 

and skipped, 

the ancestry of hoes.

You were the first–friendship, 

in which I ever had, 

never knew your thirst, 

would trade off the importance of that.

I’ve taken liberty in deducting 10 years for numerous mental scars, 

as well as an additional 10, 

for all the outlandish harm you caused.

Subtract 8 more , of my refusal to be bothered,

plus the 8 for not being sensitive enough, when I was mourning, my only Brother.

Now that you’re down to only 7. 

I’m 80% sure, you blocked a lot of my blessings.

All that time wasted, to my dismay, as you hissed apologies often, and slithered away, just like a snake.

Poetry Lesson~By Tamara Moore~ Thinker on the loose 

Copyright (c) 2014 Reserved purposes intended for and by Tamara L Dorsey-Moore