He grew up off the Pro’s, 

The collected series of Cream Pies, Deep throat, DP’s, 

his legendary jump off of Vanessa D, that drained him, throughout his teen. 

He even added Pink to the equation, 

and a few other tag teams, to his wondering concentration. 

This was his crew, his line up, 

his helping hands’, 

that gave gratifying relief, 

rises and falls, 

until he couldn’t stand. 

He always wished for a woman in existence, like these.

Then he met her, an hourglass of juiciness, full hips, tits, and lips, 

the entire package for him to please.

The kit and kaboodle, 

all his answered prayers, the insanely sexual best, hardening him with the sexiest stare.

Reality’s bolt of lightening, awakening his every sense,

so good to him it was frightening, as he tasted her lips .

She told him he’d never need them again, as she referred to the porn and begin to explain..

“I’m your fantasy, with the dirtiest mind and skills, as well in word play, that’ll keep you thrilled.

“It’s no choice you have to make, 

as you’re quite welcome to see”. 

“As they just get in my way”  

“be my guest to keep as visuals, for

I’m also your peace, but every experience with these centers will set your mind and body free”. 

“Its my pleasure to role play or whatever, because I’m your MVP”.

He was torn between her and

 porn, a method tried and true, 

 but looking at the sex appeal spilling before him, 

 her stimulating package, was all he really ever wanted to do.

 18+ Mature Poetry By Tamara Moore

 Thinker on the Loose

 Erotic poetry Reblog