Racy, Tasty, or Crazy #197


WARNING: Don’t try and go into my mind alone: 

The neighborhood is actually quite Dangerous! 

Bring a few translators, a clean up crew and team of specialist, 

to clean the internet browsed history, alley’s and gutter’s it frequents as known hangouts, along with pertinent amounts of B.S, it trudges through daily from people who believe they’re smarter.  
Beware it’s armed to the tee with an imagination, sarcasm and sharpness. 

So be on the lookout, and please make sure to APPREHEND it before it exercises it’s right to jump to conclusions, or starts drawing them…LMAO

Back to your regularly scheduled program…..BEEP……..Thank you!

šŸ˜‰ Save yourself!

Nonstop filth…smh

Lol..She could really fuck someone-up with this hairstyle, lmao

ā¤ eww.