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In the last 10 years, I saw this abrupt change coming, I spoke about it on Facebook in 2015 after a dream I had 10 yrs prior, that kept reoccurring, but I didn’t quite understand it at first, but it showed a death to something once valued, I wrote it out in my dream journal for future reference.

Afterwards I began witnessing a huge number of stay-at-home Dads, and working overtime mom’s, and Parent Teacher meetings with same sex parents attending, as the child hurried to explain why their living situation was better too their classmates with an urgency and need to be accepted. 

I then saw music and TV change our children’s perception of dress, relationships, confusing their interactions with peers which became graphically stimulated at young ages, with same sex tendencies, more sexual assaults on busses, bathrooms, overnight sleepovers, and in the classrooms, same sex hugging and holding hands, as early as 5-6 years old. 

I made a page called the Flower Power challenge, it was a vision, some form of epiphany, that was an attempt, to reaching out to women everywhere, mother’s, teens, widows, divorcee’s just every woman, to brainstorm that which rattled my being too refine, and refind ourselves,

 but it was a beautiful floral dream, without our counterparts having equally a page that reminded or even interested the men to remain grounded, stern, and diligent regarding  the changing roles. One of my flowers asked, “who’s got a male page for my husband while I’m getting better”? 

After a few efforts my Flower Page became full of recipes, health,body and random poetry, best uses for honey, coconut oil , etc,. you get the picture I’m sure, actually most of the women still follow it, but it lost its real reasoning for me.

It became so drastically clear to the awaken most stood by, said nothing, or began to identify with groups, whether from having family member that shared alternative lifestyles, friends, co-workers, or clergymen, it showed the world became upside down, everything was reversed, the women took on a different role, a break from nurturing, and the men gave up being head of their homes, becoming lover’s of themselves first and taking a back seat from power. 

So what did it do too the children? It confused them, it was like. eing picked for a team, it fascinated them, pushed into sitting on the gate to which team they identified  with, or even which team chose them, at very pertinent ages, they became decision makers to an ultimatum. I’m a lover of everyone, but children are suppose to be shielded, guarded not imposed upon by technology, or anyone’s onesided selfish view or happiness.   

I very well didn’t enjoy being molested as a child, it was not my choice, but someone elses selfishness, forcibly tossed upon me. Same with the children today.

 I’m not stuck in a time warp.  I equally speak on the behalf of both sexes, men and women, but losing our way, has lost our children.

I’m not a feminist, locked into my views, but a change as major as switched roles in the World, could very well render, those who are too run our future, doomed.

 It’s well known there are many Agenda’s that work against the family structure as is. 

 We have gay hip hop and male rapper’s that wear dresses, as well as women rapper’s rocking men clothing. Sports player’s, politicians, newscasters, and actor/actresses, coming  out on TV.

 Television makes it all appear okay for a Dad, too turn into a Mom like Bruce Jenner turned into Kaitlin, commercials where the woman is talking completely down to her Husband with attitude or sarcasm, TV shows are showing same sexes kissing and having sex every other channel you turn, the topics of LGBT rights are spoke of daily, signed bills for transgender restrooms while some schools across America no longer identify tagging a gender to boys and girls, in what they call not putting an identity on your child. 

When your child came into the World with one , the doctor calls out the gender as soon as the baby’s born. 

These new titles or lack of titles create diversions that just continue to make a child confused or to learn acceptance to more role changing agenda’s, while they hopelessly battle with acceptance in identifying themselves at very crucial ages, not actually sure who they are yet. 

 Its getting more and more visible that they are trying to not only downplay, and mock God’s Creations, 

 but kill heteorsexuality, or challenge it as a outdated gimmick, in marriages, roles, and rights, destroying the fiber and standards family’s were built off of, at the same time steering our children into uncertainty early. 

 I have seen cartoons where my child had to tell me if a character was girl or boy, as I sat puzzled by unfitting appearances . 

 While tv does its job to push this agenda,  just because the child is a little more sensitive, than this child or they don’t like the opposite sex yet, doesn’t mean they are gay, no matter what they appear to indentify more with, what they predominantly see will be acted upon, because acceptance takes precedence, over communication at home. 

It’s  pretty much sending out to children mixed messages, of unasked questions, as to who they are,  besides, they have tons of technology at their fingertips, they no longer look unknowingly at anything and come ask a parent, they just Google it and go, they have their answer. 

No classified definition, no summary, like if you went to WebDocs website each time you had any symptom, it would have you acting as a hypochondriac , thinking you are close to death, and planning out a funeral, because of basically self diagnosing themselves. and if that a professional doctor was involved, you’d  possibly be told you’re fine. 

Same with our children, they see what you the (Professional) parent reacts too, or interacts toward or with, as well as your thoughts, if you sit on the gate, lie or have switched roles in your relationship’s, you are molding that child into your views. 

Even if you have healthy relationships and are well rounded, that gets copied most times by your child as well.

The structure of the 70’s kids was some of us may have been raised by a one parent home, whether a parent was jailed, dead or long lost, you better believe the parent you were blessed with taught you, shame, self respect, values, the Bible, or whatever spirituality they could, without a phone strapped to they’re hand. 

So long ago were the table chats at dinner to know how everyone’s day went, how you felt or how school was. 

We as parents became too liberal, 

too hip, our child’s friend, that we don’t know what they listen too with headphones and earbuds anymore, we don’t have their Facebook passwords or they’re pages on social media, we stopped  watching how we talk in front of them, or reminding them of a child’s place, giving an understanding that when adults are talking not to include themselves in or sit around listening. 

Although we changed in front of them, we’ve began to not notice the most disrespectful of behaviors, 

we now embrace they’re cleverness, as early sarcasm develops, as some find humorous and could be seen as early as age 5, but we have been dumbed down by television and Agenda’s ourselves.

So many make it normal to argue and fight in front of the youth, as they are taught to play both sides against one another, until the relationship breaks, especially if it’s Mom and Dad, because parents are speaking to their kids about their state of affairs regarding the dislike or anger regarding the kid’s other parent openly, 

or fighting right in front of them, because everyone wants to be the more popular, or liked even when it comes to family. 

Men have switched how they look in front of their son’s by allowing  women to take a front seat when it comes to showing a boy how to be a Man, if a boy see’s his mother wears the pants in the relationship where a Man ,the Father, Husband or Step Dad are present but ineffective in communication with girlfriend, wife, stepmother , and sparing the rod, not interacting in his school activities, or socialism skills, 8-10, he will see the Mother as a more stronger dominate role, in which he may try to fill her shoes instead of Dad’s.

That son will pick up on more of her characteristics, than the male, and be possibly weaker in his ways of getting his point across,very chatty, or gay, same as girls if the Mom is dominate, quarreling with Men often, that girl will not have any respect for Men, and look for Men she can run over, or prefer lesbianism.

Its typically all in how you are in your approaches, it really does take a village… 

Things can be turned around if you talk to your child early enough, and allow them to witness your label as being accurate and not switched, or without its proper tag.

Blog By Tamara Dorsey-Moore 

My thoughts~Thinker on the Loose 

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